Charley's First Night (Paperback)

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A book about friendship, new beginnings and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog.
 Back to: 5-8 years

This story tells of the beginning of a close bond of friendship between Henry and his new pet dog, Charley. On Charley's first night, Henry carries his new puppy in his old baby blanket, all the way to his house. He shows Charley every room, saying, "This is home, Charley." Henry's parents make it very clear where Charley will be sleeping: in the kitchen. But when Charley starts crying in the middle of the night ... Henry simply can t leave his puppy down there by himself! With warmth, humour, and endearing simplicity, Amy Hest tells a tale familiar to everyone who has loved a puppy, while Helen Oxenbury's illustrations portray each tender gesture and charming detail. A beauty of a book.

  • By Amy Hest
  • Illustrator - Helen Oxenbury 
  • Paperback


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