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    Does your child wake at night, afraid of the dark or, have nightmares? If so, consider our large range of Aloka SleepyLight LED night lights. The LED night light component runs off mains power, while the remote uses one CR2025 lithium button cell battery.

    Aloka Sleepy night lights are suitable from newborn baby up to older kids.  Babies won’t be disturbed by bright lights during feeding times, thus more likely to settle quickly. Older kids will especially enjoy being able to change the colour of the night light.


    Other benefits of night lights:

    • Provide just enough light to comfort little ones who fear the dark.
    • Soft light glow helps settle children back to sleep if waken during the night.
    • Parents are able to easily and quietly check in on their children without disturbing them.
    • Older kids can confidently and safely find their own way to the bathroom.


    Kids Night Lights

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